Royal Skin

Royal Skin was established in 1997 and is a brand that brings out the natural beauty hidden inside of every woman through innovative products . The company manufactures polymer hydrogels and technology to install active, natural ingredients, and conducts business activities of high-functional cosmetics, quasi-drug patches and bioactive materials.

The 'Bio-Cellulose' mask product of Royal Skin is a patented production and manufacturing method. Royal Skin has revolutionized the sheet mask experience through technology. They have created the world's first bio-cellulose mask sheet made from a 100% sterile, no-bleaching system. Royal Skin has 9 patents registered with the Hydrogel Pack. (Method for producing microbial cellulose by mixed culture of patent No. 0423092, Patent No. 10-1371379 for producing dried bio-cellulose)


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