Beauty Secrets From Your Favorite Celebs

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebs do to get such glowing and amazing skin? In this post, we'll spill the tea on what we've heard and point you to similar products that won't drain your bank account.

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Word on the street is that Queen B and others are known to slather Aquaphor all over her face before going to sleep. This thick moisturizer creates a barrier that protects the skin from irritation and pollution. Aquaphor contains Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Panthenol, Bisabolal and Glycerin among other things. You can find Aquaphor at any of your local drugstores or if you're looking for a more natural option try the Skinari Water Boost Facial Cream. Skinari's products are all naturally derived and contain ingredients like lotus extract, kale and other natural anti-oxidants. Pick it up here




It's no secret that J-Lo is aging like a fine wine. She is 48 years old and is still putting women in their 20s to shame.


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Jenny from the block has been quoted saying she starts her skin care regimen from the inside out. To avoid blemishes and fight aging she maintains a healthy diet and doesn't drink alcohol, smoke or drink caffeine. If the thought of eating only leafy greens and giving up your crown and coke is too much to bear try the Elmanju Broccoli Super Brightening Cream instead. This facial treatment is loaded with Vitamins A & C and tons of anti-oxidants to help fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.





Rihanna revealed to Elle Magazine that her go-to product is Creme De La Mer ($315). Her longtime makeup artist, Mayra Morales, was quoted on the blog INSIDER as saying she preps the star's skin with cleansers, masks and scrubs before a photo or video shoot. She also said she absolutely cannot live without moisture sprays. If you want to shine like Rih without breaking the bank try the Skinari Water Boost Mist.